Age: 34

Hometown:  Grass Valley, CA. via Burleson, TX.

Strengths: Jigs, Finesse and Cranking


A little about me:

Born in Texas I moved to California in the summer of 1994 when I joined the US Marine Corps. I traveled around while in the Corps, got married and ended back in Texas. I moved back to California in 2000 and began fishing tournaments in 2008, with my first win coming in 2009. I am happily married with two children, without the support of my family none of this would be possible.

Fishing in my family was just another one of our past times. Growing up my father had a little flat bottom aluminum boat that we often fished out of. If we were not in the boat we were probably on the bank looking for the crappie as a family. My father and brother are two of my biggest supporters and also the reason I am the angler I am today.


WINS:           2

Top 5:           8

Top 10:        11

Big Fish $:    7


I fish with a couple of different partners, Tom Lutz and Bill Curtis. With Tom I am the backseater, with Bill I am the Boater.



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