June 16, 2012 BBT Delta

We left Roseville at 2:30 AM on Saturday morning in an effort to beat the rush at the Russo's ramp. We arrived in Bethel Island at about 4:30 AM and there was already folks in the water. We got it all squarded away and in the water before 5:00. We launched and headed towards the main river with some off shoot sloughs as our targets. We started out throwing big wake baits and other topwater. Wes picked up our first keeper on a Phat Frog. We caught another two keepers flipping the weed and tulees. We headed to our second spot and with in a few minutes we were on em. Putting keepers 4 and 5 in the boat. #5 was just legal so we knew it would be the first to cull. We headed to one of my favortie froggy areas and wes landed an nice 3+ to cull out that little guy. With no real activity in the froggy area we headed back towards the track to look for one more upgrade. We caught several keepers but nothing that would help our overall weight. We finsihed with 13.39 lbs which we were not very happy with until my good friend Tom Lutz told us that would most likely put us in the top 20. We ended up in 13th for our efforts on a hot, short summer tournament!!! This finsih will be a big help to our points and help keep our TOC options alive!!


April 14, 2012-BBT Delta

The 96 Boat Field at the April BBT Delta Event was no mach for Wes and I...Well almost no match as we were only out fished by 9 other teams. Coming in with a very respectfull 21.36 lb sack gave us some confidence and a little bit of money back in our pockets! Wes started off the day with a nice 4lb stripper, followed by a nice 8.49 Largemouth. We knew we were in the right area and we were willing to stick to our plan and stick it out in there all day to get the fish we needed. Wes and I both preceeded to wack em and had a nice limit by about 10:30 AM. We started culling and thought we were coming in with about 20lbs and were plesantly suprised by the extra pound 1/2. At the end of the day we finished 10th and considering the time of year and some of the sticks who were fishing we felt pretty pleased with the day. Coming into the weigh-in with the Toad Wes caught was sure great and I know Wes felt the same. Stay tuned as Clearlake is coming up in about a month!!

March 24. 2012

The 2012 tournament season opened with a cold wet day on Berryessa. Shortly after we launched out of Pleasure Cove the rain started to fall, initially pretty light but got heaver as the day went on. We hit our first spot and my partner (Wes) put our first keeper in the boat. After a couple of non keepers we moved on. We hit all the spots we had found good fish on during prefish and the weather must have moved them on. We fished hard and eventually moved up into the narrows looking to find some keepers. I landed a decent LM that gave us our second keeper. Wes went thru some more small ones but did get two keeper spots. At the end of the day we ended up with 4 fish for almost 9 lbs....This was not the best day but since berry is not one of my strong spots I will mark it off as a good learning experience. With the Delta tournament coming up next and Berryessa behind us things should be looking up. I will keep posting as things develop!!!


November 5, 2011

Wes Roberson and I decided to fish the 2011 Toys for Troops Kids tournament on the California Delta. This is an annual event put on by CBAF to benefit the US Military men and womens familys. We started off by running west, where we found wind and current and NO FISH...Frustrated we headed to the cut and picked up our first keeper. Headed to our next spot where we once again found NADA. With no prefish for the charity event we headed to an old faithfull spot of mine and picked up two keepers flipping the tules. At the end of the day we learned a little had a lot of fun and we happy to be able to participate in the wonderfull event.


October 1-2, 2011

It was Clearlake in October and the bite was great for 3 lbers but my partner (Bill) and I really struggled to find the bigger fish. Most folks were throwing big swimbaits, Baitsmith, Osprey, and R-2-Sea....We were throwing them as well with little confidence and put our best fish in the boat using Jigs, Crankbaits and T-Rigged. The D&M Plastics were deffinatly the right baits to be using for us but again only putting those clone 3's in the boat. Day one ended with a bang as I left our 5th fish in the livewell. It was our smallest keeper of the day but would have added to our weight. Day two started off great as I hooked up on a fish on the second cast of the day but it would not measure. From there it was just tough. We struggled to find keepers and ended up with three for almost 9 lbs. I have fished with Bill for the last 3 seasons and it has been filled with good times, winning or losing we still had fun, and the idea of competetive fishing to some is about making the money or getting the throphys. But for Bill and I it was also about catching fish and having fun and with that mission accomplished! Next season I will be fishing with a new partner who has a different fishing style than myself which I feel will help me to grow and become more versatile. Stay tuned for more updates!!!

July 23, 2011

For all accounts we had a great prefish and were more than prepared for the tournament. We had established a good flipping bite using the Pepper Jigs and D&M Flipping Craw. Tournament morning came and we launched in the slim at Redbud. Nothing like that smell to start your morning. We hit our first spot with topwater and had some blow ups but no takers. As we moved in we started flipping. On about my third flip I reeled down to see my line coming back to the boat!! I reeled down set the hook on a nice 6-7 lb LM that came unbuttoned right at the boat, Heartbreaking!!! We keep flipping the same area for our first keeper. We repeated this pattern for a large portion of the morning landing 3 nice fish. We moved to our last spot of the day and went deep. Shortly after getting to our spot my partner landed a nice 4+ on the McAby Deep Diver. This would be the last bite of our day. We weighed in right at 12 lbs but we came out of it stronger, wiser and more prepared!!


June 18, 2011

Second AC WRL Delta Event. Morning started off slow with no fish on our first spot. Threw the New D&M Topwater Dawg but had no takers. Headed to our secons spot and within 5 minutes we had our first fish in the boat, a  nice 4 lber on a Pepper Jig with D&M Flipping Craw as the trailer. About 5 minutes later our second fish a clone to the first one coming on the same bait. My partner then landed another jig fish, a little smaller but a good keeper. Then the bad news...our spot went cold. With only a 6 hour tournament we knew we had to get out last two fish quick. We went to spot three to find it un-fishable as the weeds were chocking it out. Last spot of the day was the trick with my partner landing fish #4 and I got #5. We caught other keepers but nothing to help the cause. We headed to weigh-in figuring we had about 13 lbs and were pleased with the weight of 16.63. The team in front of us had 17+ and were told they were in the top 5 so we felt good about maybe being in the money. At the awards we were pleased that 12th place went to our friend Travis Tate and he made his money back for the day + some extra with a 14 lb bag. As the awards continued it got to 8th and that team had 16.51 so We knew we were in 7th and pretty happy with that but then there was a team with 16.59 so we ended up 6th. In the end my Friend Greg Dornback and his partner Tom finished 3rd as well and it was a great day!!!


May 7, 2011

ACWRL Delta event. Tournament started off pretty good being able to be the 8th boat out on the first flight. We hit our first spot and I began throwing the new D&M Towater Dawg and caught our first fish of the morning. We had multiple blow ups and missed fish before heading to spot #2. We got there right as the sun was getting over the hills and levees hoping to find the bed fish we knew were in there....but they were not there. I caught a nice keeper on the D&M Flipping Craw throwing it deep in the tules and caught a few under sized fish on the senko. Headed to spot #3 and halfway there ran into the wind......25-30 mph winds made it a rough ride. We got there and began flipping the cover when my partner hooked up on a nice keeper using a Pepper Jig. We continued to fish the area and I caught our 4th keeper flipping a worm into the tulees. We continued to fish the area (spent to much time in hind site) when we left for spot #4. Got beat up by the wind and waves again arrived and started fishing. I hooked up on a nice 6 lb fish that ran to the tulees and came unbuttoned...Frustrating but we kept fishing and could not manage another keeper for the day. We weighed in 4 fish for 10.64 and walked away with the what if's had the wind been layed down. The motto of the day will be work harder, keep fishing and dam the wind.....

May 1, 2011

Went out to the Delta for a bit of pre-fishing and tried to avoid the AC ProAm guys at the same time. Started out slow but then had an unexpected suprise. I was punching and caught a 2lb crappie, I guess those Pepper Punch's & D&M Flipping craws are too yummy for it to pass up. Fishing was slow but we learned some stuff and did not blow out any of our stuff!!

April 16, 2011

AC/WRL Berryessa

After a very weird 2 week period in which I went on vacation, caught some fish then had the big motor not work followed by the trolling motor kicking the bucket, it was time to fish Berryessa. We missed the first tournament of the year out there due to snow, so we were anxiouse to get on the water. The day started off normal enough with crystal clear water and a full moon we were sure to have some bed fishing success. The fish had other ideas, we fished our first three spots without a bite and moved up into Putah Creek. I was able to put our first fish in the boat at about noon, a 5.37lb spotted bass, then it went cold again. We headed into the narrows hoping to just get 4 more in the boat before weigh-in. We were able to land 2 more keepers and 2 non-keepers in the last hour 1/2 of the day. We did not have the weight we wanted but got some $$$ back for 5th big fish of the tournament. Every little bit helps!! The fish in the narrows came on DS and the big one came on a Pepper JIg (Desert Storm) with a D&M Flipping Craw Trailer (Green Pumpkin Flash).

March 12, 2011

The Hook TOC

My partner is still recovering from his heart attack so I had to fish alone. We launched out of Russo's at first light and I was on my first spot of the day about 2 minutes later. I worked my way around my first spot throwing the D&M Snipper Spinnerbait without any luck. I decided to switch over to the D&M Flipping Craw (Delta Red Crawler) and with in the next half hour I put 4 keepers in the boat including a 4 lber. Then the struggle began, I ran to my second spot, nothing, third, nothing, then finally on my fourth spot of the day I landed my limit fish. I worked a few more small spots then returned to my first area where I caught fish just nothing that helped me out. Then it was weigh in time. I went up with my limit and weighed in 11.03. Not a great weight considering the weights that were being brought in by some of the other teams. I was happy with my limit but not happy with my weight. We all learn something everytime we go fishing and this was no exception.


January 9, 2011

Well our first tournemant started off Cold, literaly 26 degrees in the morning and 36 at blast off. We were on small fish but hoped for the best. We headed to our first spot, which maybe should have been our last, and got nada not even a bite. Second spot was about a 30 min run and same results, the water had cooled down to about 43-46 in all of our spots and the fish were just slow. We headed towards spot 3 and finally a bite, I set the hook and reeled in a nice 2+ lb largemouth for our first keeper of the day. We spoke with some other tournament guys and most had the same results as us little to nothing...We headed to one of our sure fire spots and....well you get the point. At the end of the day we weighed in one fish for 2.33 and get this, we finished 8th out of 47 boats. Turns out there were only 10 teams who weighed in fish. This was a huge help in our points run to make it back into the TOC. I flipped D&M's new flipping craw and was the only thing we caught a fish on.


December 24, 2010

Went to Bullards Bar today and had a pretty good day considering the rising water and inclimate weather we have been experincing here in Northern California. We caught fish on tubes and jigs. Our best fish of the day was caught on a jig in about 25 ft of water. The jig got caught up in the rocks and when I bounced it free the big girl crushed it. She weighed in at 5.8 lbs and fought in true spotted bass fashion, striping line and making big runs back to the bottom. I had a good net man in my WRL Partner Bill Curtis who caught his fish today on tubes. We did not fish to long today since it is Christmas Eve. The bite on Bullards will greatly improve over the next month 1/2 . So be prepared for some big spots, world record coming from this lake soon you can count on it!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years to you all!!!


October 31, 2010

Reports from sources close to me have been telling me the Stripers are hitting big topwater baits and swimbaits in the Sherman Island area. The Delta is producing tons of small fish with a few 3-4's mixed in out of the Sandmound area. The trick right now is to target the outside weed edges with small baits like the D&M Maddog 4.25. Work the outside weeds nice n slow with light weights and you will have a ball. You may not have a tournament winning day but you will surely have fun. Entrances off the main channels into sloughs are producing better fish, try swimbaits, topwater, and jigs. Again you want to target the outside weed edges. Also small shallow cranks are working in craw and shad patterns.

Good luck and have fun!!


September 29, 2010

Well last weekend marked the two year anniversary of my first bass fishing tournament, we finished 5th that day and 43rd this year...I used this tournament as an additional pre-fish for my two day AC/WRL TOC that is coming up this weekend 1-3 of Oct on the Delta. The bite is tough right now but with some patience you can land a nice limit. There was a ten lber weighed in at the Hook tournament this weekend and the angler who caught it claimed it came on a Crankbait or Spinnerbait. D&M's 7" Floating finnese worms have been having success as well as dropshotting. I will post more after this weekends tournament, wish me luck there is a boat on the line!!

August 22, 2010

We found out this week that we finished 17th in the last WRL Delta tournament. Not to bad considering we onlyhad 4 fish. With that finish we ended up 14th in the points for the season and thusly qualified for the two day Tournament of Champions in October. This years TOC will be on the California Delta on October 2nd and 3rd. The Delta is an amazing fishery in the fall but with the weird weather pattern we have had this year I am counting on nothing. We will do our best to be prepared and as mentaly ready as possible. We have had some boat issues in the last two tournaments and should have all those worked out soon. As some of you know I was proud to announce my new sponsor and proud to be apart of the Hard Corp Bass crew. Thanks to Sterling and the folks at HCBF for the oppertunity to represent their company!!!


August 15, 2010

Well we had our final AC/WRL Wine Delta event today. Launch went off without a hitch, we ran out west since we finally had the tide we needed to fish one of my great Delta spots. Well the wind did not help but we made it out west (Sherman area), we arived and got right to business. After about an hour we caught our first fish a 3.5- 4 lber. About 20 minutes later fish #2 weighing about the same, then I dumped one at the boat, not one of my greatest moments. We fished the area until the tide turned and ran back east and up Connection.  We started on our island and it was slow and windy. My partner hooked up on a couple of undersized fish with a CB and then I caught keeper #3 14"s but a keeper non the less. My partner then hooked up keeper #4 another smaller fish but it put us close to our limit. Shortly after he caught keeper #4 I lost another fish, it looked to be a keeper but we will never know. We then made a mistake, we left fish to look for fish......In hind sight we should have stuck with it but live and learn. As we ran to our next and last spot of the day I turned the boat around a little quick and the battery for starting slid out of place and broke one of the brackets and now the problems started. Could not get the boat started and so our tournament life goes. We also noticed the bilge was not working (unrelated im sure). We limped back into weigh-in and had 4 fish for 9.57 lbs. We owe a huge debt to Gene Buchholz of the Hook Line & Sinker in Oakly, CA. We assisted us in getting the boat out of the water and the motor up. Thanks a ton to Gene. I would also like to thank Travis Tate a friend of mine who opened his home to us and saved us a little $$$ on a hotel. We did not have the year we would have liked and since the results are not posted yet it will be a wait to see if we qualified for the TOC in October. Our fish were caught on Pepper Jigs (Delta Magic) with a D&M Maddog 5.0 trailer (Spring).


August 13, 2010

Well it has been a while since I updated my site, sorry for the long absence, with the new job it has been a little hectic. So here is what I have been up to in the last couple of months. Since my last post we have had two tournaments, one on the Delta where we broke the trolling motor cord first thing and the day never improved. Next was Clearlake just about 3 weeks ago. We hit our first spot and left there with 3 keepers for just over 8 lbs. We left there at about 9:30 feeling pretty good, and never got bit again. We have a tournament this weekend on the Delta 8/15/10 and hope we are ready.

So for some good news. My parter Tom Lutz and I were finally able to fish our free entry into the WON Delta series. SInce we were not on any decent bite we went out looking for some luck. We left our first spot with nothing, second spot produced 4 keepers and we headed into Franks Tract to finish the day. Right off the bat we caught our limit fish and began to cull. With about 1/2 hour or45 minutes left in the tournament, I got bit and hooked into a good fish 7.96 lbs. Well due to our not so good prefish we broke the cardnial rule, opted to not get into the options. In the end we finished 2nd and had big fish of the tournament. We walked away with around $300 in winnings, but could have walked away with around $900. All in all it was a good day. I hope to be able to post a pic of the big fish as soon as WON gets it to me.

Our TOC for the AC/WRL series has finally been anounced as being on the Delta in October. As some of you know Tom and I won a tornament in October last year. I will be hoping to repeat that day twice in a row in early October and bring home that new boat!!

Thanks for all your support!



April 18,2010

Tournament Day AC WRL Delta.

We launched out of Russo's at about 6:45 and ran just a short distance to our first spot of the day. Upon our arrival we found several kick-boaters fishing in our area. We fished the area without much luck until my partner grabbed our first keeper of the day working some small plastics in close to the tules. We then headed to our second spot, then third and fourth before we picked up keeper #2, using the same technique. We made a short run to our next spot were I got my first keeper of the day. My partner quickly followed suite with keeper #4. By this time our day was getting short and the tide was low so we began to bed fish, where I caught our next fish. We made a run back towards Russo's and with about 10 minutes left in the day we culled out our smallest fish of the day. We had some motor issues and were glad we did not make any huge runs as she would barly run at the end of the day. At weigh-in we brought 5 fish alive for 14.27, not a great weight but a good points day. There was a total of 126 boats in this tournament and we finished 42nd, which moved us up to 13th in the A.O.Y. points. With any luck next month will be better so we can make a legitimate run for the title!!!

March 31, 2010

So I went out today to Bullards. Cold, rainy, snow on the ground at my house when I left but oh well. Im not fishing the CBC or anything else that is going on out there but its close and I like a lot of people like the idea of catching monster spots, and we did.
We got on the water at about 1030 or so and off by 4, short day, had to get the kids to school ect.

So first spot of the day, 2 keepers, both on GP tubes with a 1/4 oz D&M Shakey Head.  Second spot same thing, 1 fish on the same. So we fished some more spots for nothing, so with a short day we went back to our first spot and I started throwing a Spro 6" Trout Heavy Sink swimbait. Second cast with the SB and BANG fish on, this fish came up and, as my uncle put it, had Wilson stamped on the side of it. A real nice 6lb spot. When I bought that SB I had clear water lakes in mind and it paid off today, even though we only had 4 keeps our total weight was about 15lbs. Not to bad for our first time on the lake. We only caught fish on main lake points, nothing on the walls yet but im sure that will happen with warmer water, it was 50-52 today.

March 14, 2010

Tournament Day AC WRL Delta.

Well the day started out weird enough with the whole daylight savings time stealing an hour of our sleep but oh well, off to the Delta. We get there and are prepping the boat for launch when I kick the stern light and break the base, but it is working. Launch the boat get tied up and start the wait for blast off. While we are tied up waiting another boat next to us bumps the rear light, now it is really broken, so we have to do a quick fix with a mag light for now. So we blast off and head to out first spot of the day. Get there and nothing, nada, zip. We head to our 2nd spot which is only a couple of minutes away and land our first fish of the day a small keeper. We wear out our welcome there and head to spot #3 and land keeper #2 a little bigger fish maybe 2 lbs. Well for having 2 fish early our day seemed to be off to a good start, but just when things look good.....We head to our next few spots with nothing for the next 5 hours. With about an hour left in the tournament my partner (Bill Curtis) lands a nice 5.82lb fish. We only have 3 fish going to weigh in but hope to get some $$$ for big fish. When we hit the scales we are told our 3 fish has us currently sitting in 3rd place. Apparently everyone else had a tough time just like we did. In the end once all 96 boats had weighed in we finished 7th, with just 3 fish!! One thing is for sure, when the bite is tough its tough all over!!! On the way home from the tournament we stopped for a quick bite to eat and saw Skeet Reese Fueling up his truck after the BASS Elite Series Tournament on the Delta where he finished 2nd, by one ounce. We stopped and spoke with him and wished him well on the upcoming Clear Lake Tournament. All in all not a bad day!!!

March 11, 2010

Well with the carpet on the boat finally done, its time to get ready for our next tournament. First off I have a tournament this weekend on the Delta. This tournament is on Sunday and at the same time as our tournament is going on, the BASS Master Elite Series guys will be finishing up their final day on the Delta. There has been many discussions about this issue and the result is, fish your tournament the way you normally would and dont thing about these guys being out there.

I have another tournament next weekend on both Saturday and Sunday. This two day event and is the Tournament of Champions (TOC) for the hook series. We finished third last year. This season has been great, Tom and I won two tournaments and had a good time doing it. I look forward to posting pictures and results as soon as these two tournaments are in the books. 

February 27, 2009

Well I am supposed to be fishing a tournament tomorrow on the Delta, but due to not being on any quality fish and not really needing to fish the tournament as we are already qualified for the TOC, my partner and I decided to pass on the tournament. I am sitting at home hating myself for not fishing tomorrow but it is what it is. I have planned on fishing 3 tournaments during the month of March, and as of right now 2 are still a go, the third is either gonna be next weekend or  the second weekend in April. I will keep updating the site as things develope. 

Feburary 17 & 20, 2010

Went out to test some product and shoot some video (see video page) for D&M. On Wednesday I threw the D&M Piranha Swim Jig almost exclusivly with pretty good results hooking up on three different colors through out the day. These are the best swim jigs I have ever fished. They vibrate great and the fish really hammer them. Today Sautday 2/20 went back out to try to get some more video and to also see if the Swim Jigs would work on a day with complete cloud cover, no wind, and rain. At the end of the day all I have to say is WOW. I caught over 10 fish today, 8 on the D&M Piranha Swim Jig in Green Pumpking Flash with a D&M Maddog as a trailer. I also caught two jig fish today, both were caught on a Pepper Pro Series Jig in brown and purple with a D&M Maddog trailer. My partner and I caught about 20 keepers today for about 18 lbs. Not a giant day but very consistant!!.

February 10, 2010

Went out for some fun fishing on Lake Wildwood this afternoon.  Started off around noon. I started out throwing some small swimbaits and a chatter bait. Within the first 15 minutes I catch our first on the Chatterbait. Fish went about 3 1/2 lbs and was up shallow. The water temp averaged out today to be about 49. We continued fishing the chatter bait and my partner was throwing the Pepper Jig in Brown and Purple. 2nd fish went about 2 1/2 also on the chatterbait. The day progressed on pretty much the same with a handfull of fish ranging from 3 1/2 to 2 lbs. Fish came on the jig, chatter bati and some plastics. Most caught came on the chatte bati. All in all a good day of fun fishing. 99% of the fish were caught in less than 10' of water indicating these are probebly the males moving up to make the beds, Spawn is just around the corner and I personaly cant wait.

February 6, 2010

Lake Berryessa Anglers Choice WRL Delta/Wine Tournament #1

Well like most tournaments it started off uneventfull , middle draw third flight weigh in at 3:45. We launched and headed out to our first spot of the day, some points in the narrows. Due to the weather (raining like cats and dogs) we decided to fish for our limit and head north looking for bigger fish. We hit our first location after about a 5 min run from Pleasure Cove Marina. Once we got there we set up and started fishing the points. My partner (Bill Curtis) hooked up on our first fish of the day, it was undersized but brought hopes of a good day. We continued to fish those same points as the rain and wind let up a little. We decided that since there was a let up in the weather we would go a head and make the run to the north. We headed to the mouth of Puta Creek and fished the bridge pile, and a flat in the same area without a bite. We contined to fish the same area with no success. We then moved back across the lake just north of the opening to the narrows fishing the flats on the NE side of the lake. My partner got bites on back to back cast with no hook up. This day was becoming very frustrating very quickly. At about 10:30-11:00 we decided to attempt to salvage our day by running back into the Narrows and attempting to catch a limit in the remaining time. We headed back into the Narrows to the Portegues Cuts. Again fishing points and adjoining walls, I got my first bite and hooked up on a 13 1/2 in spot. It was a keeper and we began to get some motivation back. We  continued to fish the same areas with the same baits with the same result as earlier in the morning. NADA ZIP ZILCH. At 2:00-2:30 we ran back to our first location of the day hoping the bigger fish had moved into the area. Again no bites. Now dang near out of time (and deffinatly out of patience) we ran back into Wrag Canyon just hoping to locate another fish or two. We picked our spot just outside of Pleasure Cove and started to fish. We had about 10 minutes left before check in when I got bite again (Bite #2 for the day) and landed a nice 2  1/2 lb Smallie. We continued to fish right to the last minute, but only ended up with the two fish. The end result was not anywhere near what I had expected or hope for in the opening event of the WRL season. The two fish weighed in at 3.33 lbs. Today was a tough day for us and not being as prepared as we could have cost us. There was a ton of limits and a 15 lb bag leading. Today our fish came dropshotting Roboworms in MMIII and Aarons Magic in 4 1/2 in. I try to learn something everytime I am on the water and today I learned big time. Knowing your body of water and developing patterns is the only way to acheive success. My partner and I will be 110% ready for the next event on the Delta in March. Thought of the day "Think like a Boy Scout" and always be prepared!!!

February 2, 2010

Went out about 1:00pm for a little fun fishing with my partner. We went to a little local lake  just for a couple of hours.  When we launched it was about 53 degrees out side with a front approaching. Shortly after catching the first fish the front moved in and the temp dropped to about 45. The bite was slow but we ended up with 4 fish in about 3 hours for about 11lbs. All fish came on jigs of varying colors. The bite seemed to be a hit em in the head kinda bite. All the fish hit hard enough you felt em good but they were all there withing a few seconds of the bait hitting the bottom. Fishing this time of year is tough but with a little patience (and a little luck) you can find them!! The lake was Lake Wildwood in Penn Valley.

January 31, 2010

Early morning with the call of a sister-in-law's baby being born so congrats to them. I worked on the boat today to attempt to have her ready to go for our first tournament this season, with all the weather expected it should be interesting.

January 30, 2010

Getting the new year started off right with our first tournament in the Anglers Choice WRL season at Lake Berryessa on the 6th of February. I will keep you posted as to the results. 

January 24, 2010

Hook Tournament

Blast off at first light and headed south were we had found some cleaner water. FIshed our first spot for several hours throwing the kitchen sink at it. We left spot #1 without as much as a bite and headed even farther south to a spot we had been working on in the previous month. When we arrived we were shocked that the water was heavy stained (Think Chocolate Milk) so we made a quick run at it, again not a bite one. We headed to our final spot of the day hoping to at least land one keeper for the tournament to help keep us in the AOY running. We ran back south to Discovery Bay and at about 2 PM or so I got my first bite of the day and landed a nice keeper right around 3 lbs. My partner caught our second keeper shortly there after, and we never got bite again. We ended up weighing in 4.15 lbs which got us 17th out of the 46 boats who entered the tournament.  The day was horrible but better than some, there was approximatly 22 boats who did not weigh a fish. Fishing in January is TOUGH and it was a very humbling day.

Techniques for the day: We junk fished and our two keeps came on DS and a T-Rigged worm.





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