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D&M's New Swimjig...THE GAR

Here`s how it works;
The blade hits each side of the attachment eye, giving greater vibration than anything we have made to date.

Setting the hook, is just a matter of a quick crankset.

But if you are one that really likes to rear back on your hooksets, the blade will hesitate for a split second and lock onto the back of "R" bend. This will stop your blade from flipping up and giving the fish a chance to come uphooked.

Bait keeper is standard as well as heavy long shank Gamakatsu Hook.

Our Longtail Skirts will give off the most action, no need for handtied skirts, these solid rubber cores will last for years.

Powder Paint, will give you the longest lasting paint.

Our custom plated blades, will be standard. Black Nickel, Chrome

Trying to limit the jig head colors to, White, Black, Greenpumpkin. This should take care of most of the skirt color options we offer.

Color Schemes, these are just a few. Copperhead, Tilapia, Blue Gill, Delta Red Crawler, Black Blue Flash, Table Rock Shad, Threadfin Shad, White Knight.

D&M's New Topwater Dawg

In the world of topwater baits something new is always good as there is nothing better than seeing the bass eat the bait. D&M being one of the premier West Coast bait manufactors has changed the game. The Dawg flat out works. I caught a fish within the first 20 minutes of using this bait and I did it during a tournament, not the time to normaly try a new bait but when you have a bait that looks this good it is hard not to throw it. Click on either picture for a full description from the D&M Site. 

Two great products come together to make the best  punching baits on the market!!! 

 Pepper Custom baits makes a punching product called the  Pepper Punch which comes with a Tungsten Weight designed with a little nipple on the bottom for skirt placement. D&M Custom Baits makes a very wide variety of Punch Skirts, which by luck happen to fit onto the Pepper Punch weight. The options with these two are endless and once again proves that these two companies are leaders in the industry!!!

You can click on either picture to get a direct link to the sites where the product is sold!!!

Check out the new Hardcore Bass Website!!! 

D&M Crawdaddy's

D&M has their new laminate colors, click the pic for the direct link to the D&M Site!!!!! 

 Team Davies Slim Shot Drop Shot Weights


I recently picked up some of these weights at Outdoor Pro Shop...So far I have not lost any of them which says alot about a DS weight. They come thru the water and the cover nicely and don't over bind the line causing weak points. Each weight is stamped with the weight of the weight which makes it easy to find the right one when you need it. I would recommend these weights to anyone who dropshots!!!!

The D&M Flipping Craw is here!!!

The D&M Flippin Craws feature a soft body that is large for it’s size with plenty of bulk for even large flipping style hooks. We also wanted pincher claws to fold up on the strike, making for better hook ups. The plastic formula is super soft and floats which gives the craw the lightest movement for all the action needed for the bites. Take notice of the very small ribs on the pincers, this catches the water and the little fingers on the inside of the claws make the bait just quiver on the fall. Shake your line just the slightest of movement and the legs quiver.

We designed the “Claw Action” with as many applications as possible in mind; Flipping, Jig Trailer, Swimming, Lift and Drop, Punching, Carolina Rig, or Split Shotting.

D&M Flippin Craws are packaged with Crawfish Scent & Salt, gives the bass something just for his sweet tooth.
Sizes, 3.50″, 4.50″, 5.50″ 

Check out the new Pepper Custom Baits website, new products and colors of your favorite Pepper Products!!! 

 The New D&M Pirhana


Yellow Headed Black Bird

This bait is a swimming jig which can be fished like a jig or as a reaction bait like a spinner bait. This color is specifically designed for the Northern California Angler. The yellow headed black bird can be found all around Clearlake and The Californa Delta. And this bait is a great mimic of young injured black bird. Fish it in the summer close to the surface or slow it down in the fall and spring to really aggitate those big girls.  

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